Dirty Reiver

The Dirty Reiver 200 (200km) and Dirty One Thirty (130km) are off road cycling challenges based on the Gravel Grinder format found predominantly in the mid west of

Gravel Rocks

Gravel Rocks – a celebration of all that makes Gravel riding special.A weekend that promises the right amount of social, a real sense of adventure andcompetitive sections all rolled into one at Duncombe Park in North Yorkshire.

The Distance

The event is not a race but more a sociable challenge. We are branding this event ‘Self Supported with benefits’ as it really does not conform to any current event format.

Scott Frontier 300

The Scott Frontier 300, will be on the top of the ‘must do events’ across UK and Europe. It is not just a coast to coast across some of the most stunning parts of the UK it is a 300km ride with 10 forests, 20 gravel sections and a 30hr limit.  With an aim to finish in time for the Brunch on the Beach party!