About Focal Events

Focal Events was formed around the creation on the UK’s first and largest gravel event, Dirty Reiver, back in 2016. Andy, Bryan and Paul had a shared vision for how events should be focussing on a positive experience in every aspect from sign on to finish line. In creating this experience the trio place an equal focus and importance on every single element of an
event to ensure rider satisfaction.

Focal Events can also bring the same attention to detail they place on their own events, to
generating events for brands, businesses and charities.

Rider Experience is valued above all else.


Sometime in 1987, I borrowed my Dad’s Amaco Trailfinder* and rode into Dalbeattie Forest. Since then, off road cycling has taken over from rock climbing and ‘mountains on foot’ as my preferred mode of play. With average skill levels, I’ve ridden (and crashed) bikes throughout Europe, the US and Canada – much more XC milemunching than EnduroGnar. I’ve completed a wide variety of events, but being too pre-occupied with life’s chores to train properly, has freed me to concentrate on just enjoying them. In doing so, I’ve developed a pretty good idea of what makes an event memorable. Focal Events allows me to put to good use those many muddied and bloodied hours spent behind bars and to help develop experiences that are special for all who enter. For me, it’s the rocky remote hills of Northern Britain that bring the biggest smiles and my next big event tick would be the Colorado Trail.

*(a mythical contraption, seemingly too obscure even for Google to shed light upon)


Cycling has been a way of life for about 40 years now and it has always been about getting out into wild places and having adventures. In the past those adventures ‘morphed’ into racing throughout the UK, Europe and beyond including riding for GB. With the race wheels now firmly hung up I spend my time riding longer multi-day events, guiding others and looking for the best singletracks! These journeys have given me a good knowledge of the breadth of riding that there is and what makes a truly fantastic event. Being apart of the Focal Events team allows me to bring these experiences together to help create rides that I would be inspired to do.

Let’s build you an Event

Do you want to showcase your product, brand or location to riders and associate them with a positive experience? Do you want to engage face to face with your target audience? Do you want to raise finances and awareness for a cause or charity?

Focal Events can offer a turnkey event solution from concept to execution. We have numerous pre-existing relationships which allow us to get your event up and running quickly and ensure a successful day (or days).