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Sandblasted… run and ride now for 2018

Who knew racing your bike down a beach and back (with of course some trails too) would be so much fun!  So much so we feel that only offering this event to those with bikes would be unjust. In 2018 Sandblasted returns and the evening before will now also host the Sandblasted 10k run … […]

Focal Events head to Iceland, trip report from Andy and Bryan.

“Undo your seatbelts and wind your windows down” My tired mind was trying to process this instruction, as the 4×4 we were in the back of began to lose traction and float, still 15 metres from the safety of the river bank. The river in question was a freezing cold, swollen Icelandic river and I […]

La Resistance, event report from Paul

It is a common trait that those who organise events for a living do so as a result of their own love of attending events. I am not any different. For me the joy is scouring social media, blogs and other sources of news and finding the new or stand out events. I have no […]

Grinduro 2018 Announced

After a hugely successful (if a little wet) edition in 2017 Focal Events once again have been instructed to make the fun on Arran happen again. Again we will be back on our favourite island Arran, now known to many as ‘Little California’ ;). The format remains the same with a gravel focussed loop taking […]

Dirty Reiver 2018… introducing the new Highwayman, Bombtrack Bicycles

In 2018 Dirty Reiver will see a new Highwayman heading up the clan, Bombtrack Bikes have now confirmed they will be leading this gravel raiding party! With a host of gravel weapons in their range Bombtrack are set to be a popular choice for those looking to pledge allegiance to gravel. Check out their current […]

The Distance, a new venue with fresh challenges

The Distance debuted in 2017 and on June 10th brought together some adventurous souls to sample the delights of Dumfries and Galloway.  Much fun was had by all though the weather tried to literally put a dampener on us. In 2018 to keep the spirit of adventure that is The Distance we are shifting to […]